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Affordable Commercial Concreting Services in Bundaberg

If you’re planning to start a warehousing business or even just wamp up the aesthetic of your building, consider getting commercial concreting! Remodelling your business space doesn’t have to come at a large priceーwith commercial concreting, not only will you have a professional look but also a durable and effective way to keep your properties safe.

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Why choose us

We only deliver high-quality concrete projects.

Experienced Concreters

We have been in the business for more than a decade and our concreters are all experienced in different facets of concrete construction.

On-Time Delivery

We value your time. Thus, before commencing with any project, we provide an honest estimate of the time it would take to finish it. We always deliver on or before our deadline.

Clean & Neat

As professional concreters, we have developed the habit of cleaning up our project areas. We will leave your property pristine and visually appealing.

What can you get through commercial concreting?

Parking Lots

Make it more convenient for your customers to come and go by investing some space into building parking lots and driveways. With enough space, new customers will most likely want to visit your place as nothing is worse than full parking lots. More importantly, you should ensure their safety by giving them enough room to drive. 


Columns not only add aesthetic value but also structural integrity to an area. These can support your ceilings and ground, so even when the floor is heavier with many customers, rest assured that it will not collapse. Doing this can also bring your customers peace of mind and safety. 


If you have installed fountains or any type of water-related infrastructure, you can reduce the safety hazards by adding a nonslip walkway for your customers. Moreover, it’s not always that you have a ledge to keep the rain out, so you can have an aggregate walkway built to absorb the moisture from the rain.

Stamped, Coloured and Plain Concrete

Adding a variety of textures, colours, and material to your building can enhance its look instantly. Stamped concrete includes brick, stone, and wood accents to have a more rustic feel, while coloured and plain concrete is a more classic take on design. It all depends on your property’s style and targeted customers.


If you own a multi-story building, you must have at least one flight of stairs not only as a way for people to travel but also as a safety measure. Moreover, it’s also a welcoming addition to your building when designed correctly as an attractive gateway. 

Why should you choose Rockhampton Concreters?

Our team at Rockhampton Concreters are highly skilled and equipped to attend to any of your commercial concreting needs! We have the proper equipment and top-notch material to ensure that you have a hassle-free experience. More than that, we’ll make sure that our outputs are of an excellent standard for the durability and sustainability of your property.

We consider you the most as this is your property, after all. Just tell us any of your prompts, concepts, and ideas, and we’ll do our best to meet them! You and your customers deserve the best, and we have the material, equipment, and skill to give it to youーfrom concrete, brick, aggregate, and wood.